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Air/Gas Compressor

Keyhan Rabet (KRACO Ltd)

Keyhan Rabet is a unique single source for compressor spares worldwide for Rotary screw compressors, crankshaft assemblies for Reciprocating compressors, Rotary vane compressors.

Keyhan Rabet can provide compressor spares for all major compressors throughout the industry.

our vendor have a unique reverse engineering capability that can take ‘old’ parts now obsolete from the original manufacturer and produce high quality ‘new’ parts which are guaranteed, made in the UK and match the original specifications plus the customer’s requirements on both price and delivery.

Typical Product Capabilities include:


Cylinder heads


Piston Rods

Conn Rods


Crosshead Guides


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KRACO Ltd supply spares all over the world via our Export division, spares range from consumables to major hardware such as cylinders, pistons, piston rods and crankshafts.


Keyhan Rabet provide a complete range of replacement parts for numerous models of Air and Gas compressors including

CompAir BroomWade compressors with the following model and types:

CompAir V Major & V Compact Reciprocating Compressors

V-Major and V-Compact-a range to suit all needs CompAir reciprocating compressors have been in production since the 1920's.

CompAir BroomWade V Major Range:

V500, VC500, VM500, VMD500, VMH750, VMDH500

V750, VC750, VM750, VMD750, VMH750, VMDH750

V1000, VC1000, VM1000, VMD1000, VMH1000, VMHD1000, VM1500, VMD1500

CompAir V Compact

The V-Compact is a free standing, single acting, lubricated or oil free unit set on anti-vibration mounts and is suitable for air or water cooling. 

:CompAir BroomWade V Compact Range

V65, V85, V100, V100DA, V150, V150DA, V200, V200DA, V300, V300DA

BW2L, BW2D, BW4L, BW4D C 660, EH 100C, SC 350 & VC 350

Below you can find exploded view of CompAir BroomWade BW2D and VMD750 for which KRACO Ltd supplies spare parts:

Compressor 1

Our Vendor have invested in accurate Inspection & test equipment, which combined with a Certificated Quality Management System, ensures that all parts and services are provided to the highest possible standard.

Accreditation Body: British assessment Bureau

Certificate No : 216514

Standard : BS EN ISO 9001:2015

Compressor 2After sales is an important part of our business and we provide exactly the same warranty on our parts as offered by the OE companies. In addition we hold technical manuals and information an all the compressors that we support and regularly provide help and guidance to our customers where needed.


Rotary Screw Compressor Parts 

Keyhan Rabet Ltd supplies only Original Equipment Filters and Separators as used by the compressor manufacturer. Whilst other parts suppliers may compromise on quality to offer a cheaper product, KRACO Ltd supplies the best.

If a compressor manufacturer specifies a specific filter, we supply that filter. 

• Air filters, oil filters, separator elements 

• Service kits, separator kits 

• unloader, suction box and M.P.V kits 

• Pressure switches, solenoid valves and pressure gauges 

• Drive belts, Vitaulic couplings and drive coupling elements 

• Air and oil coolers 

• Compressor and gearbox overhaul kits 

• Service exchange air ends and gearboxes

• Air end re-bearing kits 

Rotary Vane Compressors Parts

• Maintenance kits, separator kits and top up kits 

• Air filters, oil filters, cabinet filters, separator elements and separator felts 

• Individual gaskets, O-rings and Seals 

• Oil return valves, thermistor probes and over temperature switches 

• Main oil seals, bearings and drive media elements 

• Pressure switches, unloader solenoids valves and Starters 

• Air and oil coolers 

• Rotors, stators and compressor blades

Reciprocating Compressor Parts

Keyhan Rabet holds consumable items such as oil filters and air filters as well as valve assemblies and gasket sets through to major components such as pistons, crankshafts and con rods 

• Intercooler & Aftercoolers

• Air filters and oil filters 

• Maintenance kits, gasket and O-ring kits 

• Valve service kits 

• Suction and delivery valves (both new and reconditioned) 

• Piston rings, packings 

• Pistons, piston rods, connecting rods and small end bearing bushes 

• Cylinder liners 

• Main bearings 

• Crankshafts


Compressor 3


Compressor Service Kits

Keyhan Rabet provide compressor service kits for all major compressors throughout the industry. Expert service and quality parts are vital to maintain the reliable performance of any air compressor. Scheduled preventative maintenance minimises breakdowns and provides the customer with peace of mind.

Keyhan Rabet service kits provide a simple, cost effective way of maintaining your machines and avoiding expensive major overhauls.

Service Kits Information 

Air End Rebuild Kits

Atlas Copco Compressor Service Kits

Atlas Copco Primary Usage Maintenance Kits

GA 5 7.5BAR - 2000HR 

GA 7 7.5BAR - 4000HR

GA 10 7.5BAR - 4000HR

GA 11-15 TO SERIAL NO. ARP 776548. 6000HRS

GA 18-22TO SERIAL NO.ARP 776548 - 6000HRS

GA 30-37 7.5 TO 10BAR - 6000HR

GA 55 - 7.5BAR - 6000HR

Boge Parts and Service Kits

CompAir Rotary Screw Service Kits

Ingersoll Rand Rotary Screw Service Kits

Demag Rotary Screw Service Kits

Hydrovane Service Kits

Kaeser Rotary Screw Parts and Service Kits

Holman Service Parts and Kits

Air Filtration

Air / Oil separator

Axel Parts


Airend components 

Engine Components



Compressor 4



KRACO Ltd is ready to present more information and prices about the type of service kit you require.


Air Filter - Filter Element - Oil Filter – Seperators And Compressor Oils

Keyhan Rabet can provide and manufacture original Air Filter, Filter Element, Oil Filter and Seperators from compressor manufacturers.


Atlas Copco Compair Broomwade Compair  Ingersoll Rand
Compair Hydrovane Bellis & Morcom Rotorcomp Boge
Aerzener Fini Rotair Demag
Bauer Gardner Denver Wittig Denver
Airman Ingersoll-Rand Mahle Hydrovane
Alup Joy Boehler Worthington
Sulair Kaeser Blitz Schneider Kobelco

Our Vendor is a leading UK supplier to both Original Equipment manufacturers as well as parts distributors worldwide.

The majority of their products are manufactured at their UK factory and most components belong to all models of compressor manufacturers such as:

11 22 333

and the other manufacturers worldwide:

Abac. Alup. Alveair. Buge. Busch. Blitz. Bauer. Compair Holman. Purtolator (MAHLE). Joy (cooper). CompAir. Deltech. Ecoair Fini. Gardner-Denver. Grass Air. Howden. Hiross. OMI.